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Shower, redesigned in a smart way
  • Shower, redesigned in a smart way
  • Shower, redesigned in a smart way
  • Shower, redesigned in a smart way
  • Shower, redesigned in a smart way
  • Shower, redesigned in a smart way
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Shower, redesigned in a smart way #Shower, redesigned in a smart way

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Let’s think about our shower this morning. We run the water and wait for it to warm up but don’t know when it will be ready. So we touch the water or check the steam to see if it’s warm enough. Okay, finally we think it’s good to get in. However, now we have to fine-tune the temperature by rotating the knob left and right to get to the sweet spot.

This way of controlling the shower temperature takes time, the moment is unpleasant, and it wastes water. 

Shower is a new type of shower control that lets you start your shower with just a press of a button at the perfect temperature while saving water. The new shower integrates software technology with elegant hardware to improve your holistic shower experience.  


Skip all the hassles to take a shower. Plug in (or say, “Prepare my morning shower” to Amazon Echo or Google Home) and get notified - “Your shower is ready.”

Shower warms up your shower and pauses the shower stream once the water temperature reaches the target so you can walk in and start your shower right away with just a press of a button. No more guessing how much the valve needs to be turned. Also, you can pause and resume your shower with one click.

We imagine the day where we will say “We are able to set the temperature on the oven and the thermostat; now we can finally set the temperature on our shower too!”

From day 1, Shower saves water by auto-pausing the shower stream once the temperature reaches the target in the preparation stage. It also helps reduce unnecessary water flow while in the shower as you can pause and resume your shower without losing the warm temperature.

Furthermore, our unique temperature control algorithm finds the shortest amount of time to reach the target temperature and minimizes water waste by analyzing your shower data on how the temperature is mapped in relation to the opening of the mixer valve.

This will save the water up to 1,875 gallons per year for average household* which is equivalent to 30,000+ glasses of water.

Be conscious of your shower and find out how much water you will actually save at your home with Livin Shower. Our mobile app will help you track your water use, temperature, and duration of your shower.

Connect to your favorite music apps like Spotify or Apple Music and listen to your shower playlist to make your shower the most relaxing moment. You have full control to play, pause or skip songs (speaker is not included.) 

Shower Recipe™ was designed from our passion to make the shower the moment in the day where we are most secluded and relaxed. We created recipes of certain temperature patterns that can help you wake up faster or feel more relaxed by leveraging Livin Shower’s ability to adjust water temperature.

Try the Wake-up Recipe™ that cools down water gradually to finish your shower feeling more refreshed. Having a cold shower in the morning is proven to help you to wake up faster and be more productive throughout the day.

More recipes to come!

Shower is not just connected to our app but also integrated with other devices. Start your shower with your voice via Amazon Echo, or let Nest warm up the room by reading your shower temperature to prevent after-shower chill.

Because everyone has different preferences for many aspects of showering, Shower remembers each one and provides a personalized setting. You can create up to 10 profiles and each profile activates preset shower temperature, favorite music, and connection to other devices. Each profile owner may track their shower temperature, water usage, and duration of the shower.

If you choose to set a profile for a baby,Livin Shower will recommend a proper water temperature with ‘Safety lock’ to limit the temperature not to go above or below a certain level. 

No need to tear down the wall or get professional help - meaning there is no need for a pricey installation. Shower can be installed by yourself with simple hand tools within 15 minutes. Also, Shower is compatible with most of the single-handle type valves in the market.

Today’s most standardized U.S. shower fixture design was first adopted in the market in the 1930s and has been used ever since without much improvement in design and technology. Many of us in the U.S. are still using the single rotational handle where we have to fine-tune the knob by rotating left and right to get to a comfortable shower temperature. This way of controlling the shower temperature takes time, the moment is unpleasant, and it wastes water. 

With all the technological innovation and changes in people’s lifestyle, we felt the need to improve the way we interact and experience the shower. That is why we created Livin Shower.

Our main focus was to redesign the way we control shower temperature. Through multiple designs and engineering prototypes, we figured out that starting a warm shower with a press of a button was the simplest way to interact with your shower.

Showering is a moment where we are most secluded and relaxed. This lets our subconscious mind to wander and have inspiration and ideas. Living gives more room for your subconscious mind to wander by minimizing the use of the conscious mind in adjusting the shower temperature with a simple click interaction to start the shower at the pleasant temperature.

We have had multiple field tests by applying Shower to many types of house and bathroom settings - single floor house, apartments, office buildings and etc. With all the learnings about different shower environments, we have refined our temperature adjusting algorithm to learn faster and more effectively about your own shower settings no matter what the situation. 

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